Christopher S. Peiser Sr

Owner, Lead Photographer / Cinematographer

In 1994, Chris started the company with nothing more than a camera, a dream, and a lot of coffee. Chris' love for his work and his perfectionist, workaholic attitude is the drive of the company. His motto has always been to "work harder AND smarter". Chris' work reflects his personality, in that he truly believes family and love is most important. A wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple life together, Chris believes it's our job to make it one of the best. With almost two decades worth of experience, Chris is one of the main componants that makes the company one of the most established and respected in the business.

Linda Peiser

Lead Cinematographer/Editor

Linda's belief is that on her wedding day, every bride should have her fairy tale wedding with a happily ever after. This belief carries through Linda's award-winning video productions. Her natural creativity along with her dedication and sensitivty to the needs and expectations of the bride and groom makes her the true heart of the company.